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Kreepy Grim Reaper Mod PRO 


This is a full costume with an internal creepy voice system. Yes, you heard right. You can talk inside this costume. A microphone is built into the headpiece mask with a working jaw. You can also add other extras such as a background Sound Box at extra cost to your order or upgrade it later. This costume is for serious professional character users. 


The costume is made by Zagone Studios and additions with mods by Kreepy Creations/IRmods. We have combined the best to make the best. Most parts are handmade and made to order so allow us an estimate of 2 weeks to make your costume from the time of purchase if item is OUT OF STOCK. All custom orders are fully tested prior to shipping to customers. Other costume mods coming soon.


It's very difficult to push buttons on the speaker control when wearing the long finger gloves, so we built wired control buttons that can be wrapped around the wrist or placed inside each glove and controlled by the press of your thumb to the palm of your hand. Buttons can be placed in either left or right glove or both. Features are: Microphone mute button, power (long press), and start/pause button.



  • Zagone Studios (Grim Reaper)
  • Kreepy Creations
  • IRmods


PRO model Includes:

  • Grim Reaper Gown, Lower skirt, Suspenders.
  • Grim Reaper hands and feet (feet slip over shoes).
  • Grim Reaper headpiece and mask.
  • Blacked out eye mask (You see out but they can't see you) included free!
  • Internal Microphone (wired) stereo plug.
  • Voice changer (Internal battery / USB charge).
  • Voice Amp speaker (Internal battery / USB charge).
  • Stereo patch cable.
  • Microphone mute hand momentary switch (wired).
  • (1) Wrist band (to hold wires on arm to hand switch).


Add an optional "Background Sound Box kit" for $100. Customers can add this kit later if they choose which includes:

  • Background soundtrack Speaker Amp. (Internal battery / USB charge.
  • With start/pause/power on/off switch for inside a glove.
  • 2 GB MicroSD card with (free) Creepy Grim Reaper background sounds on it. (files will loop over and over)
  • (1) Wrist band (to hold wires on arm to hand switch).


Optional accessories can be purchased here:

  • You can purchase a sound equipment vest for the sound gear here.
  • You can purchase a full costume duffle bag here.
  • Speaker holder case pouch if not using a vest. Buy here.



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