IRmods.com is a part-time modification and conversion service that has been converting, modifying, and retrofitting equipment on the side since 2001.

We convert cameras for companies and stores that sell modified/converted cameras as well as for the industry and specialized groups and agencies. We have done lots of work for the film and television industry as well as other special government projects.


We have services that include the following: Lens conversion, Camera modification, Basic repair, Custom replacement parts, Lens and sensor filtering, IR illumination, Near-InfraRed camera conversion, Lens modification, Camera housing modification, Contract electronics assembly. We have business partners that provide us with custom 3D modeling and material CNC design.

IRmods performs professional quality work on most of today's new smaller cameras. Our first mods were for GoPro's Hero2 cameras that branched out to other cameras and drones. We have successfully converted over 6500 cameras for the professional industry. We are a team of 30-year veteran production specialists and techs who have joined forces to build and brainstorm new ideas for cameras and places to use them. We do accept new or used cameras from customers who want them modified or converted. We do this part-time on the side from our normal industry full-time jobs so there may be delays by a couple of days between our daily, weekly projects but we do make it a priority when orders come through even if we have to work a double shift to get customer orders completed and sent out. All of our service labs are located in Orange County California.

In the last few years, there have been new uses for these small cameras than the average sports or home video. Now, these cameras have entered into the film industry, Medical, Agricultural and Environmental industries.

IRmods tackles more in the customs services aspect where customers can send us their cameras through our services section with "Mod My Camera" or you can request a "Quote" for your camera conversions and modifications. We feel this is a great option for most camera products when they have been discontinued by the manufacturer and officially been outdated. If we can't convert it, we can forward you to those that do.