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***** I couldn't be more pleased with how my custom DJI Phantom 4 camera turned out! -Ronald C.

***** Thanks for saving me a ton of money on my camera lens swap repair. Great job! -Roger B.

***** I was so happy when my order arrived faster than expected! Lightning-fast!!!  -Sue T.

***** I purchased a camera from another store and there was an issue with focus and you fixed it fast! Very nice!  -Boe E.

***** I ordered a custom HardCore vest and I must say it was well worth the wait. I love it! -Vinne G.

***** You guys are the best! I sent the camera in for a full spectrum conversion and I got it back 2 days later! :-)  -Kevin L.

***** We had an issue with a DJI Phantom4 pro camera and you guys fixed it without us sending it in! Great tips!  -Marky Z.

***** We order 3 HardCore vest cameras and we were surprised to get a notice that our order was shipped so soon!  - X-One

***** I ordered one of your Pro Web Spinners and I love the web effects it creates! I will order again soon!  -Robby S.

***** Thanks for replacing my Hero4 motherboard and 2 thumbs up for reinforcing the HDMI port on the side!  -Ralph R.

***** Excellent job on my urgent order! I will definitely use you again on my other projects!  -Maxim Films

***** Wow! I purchased some IR illuminators from you and they are the best I've seen! Very nice and solid!  -Edward S.

***** I love your Pro cobweb spinners! A very satisfied customer right here!!!! <----- :-)   -Malcolm R. 

***** Very nice guys!!! The 360 bionic sound doll is truly the best tool we could ever ask for! Looking forward to your other stuff.   -PARA-X

***** Very nice Hardcore rig vest! I honestly was not expecting it to be as advertised. I was wrong and very pleased. -Gate12

***** I purchased an OSMO Action full spectrum camera and I was very impressed! Fast shipping too! Thanks.  -Brad E.

***** Really helpful research advice, very fast shipping, and great customer support. My Phantom 4 NIR conversion went great. Thanks! -John W.

***** The Web Spinner Pro is the best ingestion I have ever seen and so simple to use!!! I'm so glad I found this on your site. Cheers! -Henry H.

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