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RENTAL COST:  $10  (4 days) + Insured UPS shipping. The renter must ship back items to us the day after the 4-day rental. Our shipping calculator includes insured shipping to you and return shipping labels back to us. Please keep your receipt when dropping off your package at your nearest UPS store.


Please fill out our rental form if you are a new customer.


POWER: (3) AA Bateries (not included)

INSTRUCTIONS: Operations Manual (download pdf)


Rental includes:

  • ITC RADIO (modified)

  • Hard rental case



This rental purchase is for (4 days). You can contact us on longer rental days or weeks and we will give you or your production team a quote. 

If this rental is OUT OF STOCK, It means it is rented out.

ITC RADIO Rental #016

  • ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication)

    The term Instrumental Trans-Communication was coined in the 1970s. It uses radio frequencies scanning very fast through a radio, so fast that a full sentence is impossible to get through from any broadcast radio station. One can use FM or AM to scan. Many paranormal groups and paranormal TV show do not know how to use this device properly or what to listen for. Many just listen for one word answers which are clearly hearing words from local radio stations, many are just commercials. To use this device properly, you would listen for answers in the form of a sentence, (4) words or more and clearly. Sometimes you will hear clear one word answers to your questions. Try to ask question for short answers like yes or no. If you get distorted word sentences and the same voice tone, keep trying, It's not easy for the other side to get through but they will. Be patient. You are listening for the same voice over and over as it cycle around the bands. Sometimes you will hear a little click sound just before the answer comes through.

    Here are some examples of this device in action. ITC Radio

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