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Ghost Ark Multi-Paranormal Meter/Prop (collectors edition)

This device is a highly sought after product from collectors of paranormal equipment and props!


This is 1 of the original (working) Ghost Ark paranormal meters.

Many of these were sold in 2016 but many had problems from the manufacturer. The device and the efforts to create a such device was real. Many pre-orders were made ahead of shipping and the inventor rushed the devices out instead of completing all testing on the device before shipping. Customers were beginning to complain on when the device was going to ship. A first batch went out but not without problems which resulted in a recall. The second (fixed issues) batch shipped out with some having issues and some not. The cost of fixing the issues were costing more than the unit cost. Many customers were still waiting for their orders to ship and many wanted refunds. The inventor had other plans and disappeared with the pre-order money as he skipped town. This was the end of Ghost Ark. Detectives in Europe eventually caught up the inventor and justice was served. This unit was part of the (working) 2nd batch devices.

Good luck in finding one of these anywhere as many customers threw them away. Only a small number of these were working and are considered high collectors items.


We made some adjustments to the device in case you acquire issues.

One issue is, sometime you will get a white screen when powering up. We installed a tiny reset button to reboot the computer. The device has rechargeable batteries inside so you con only recharge it. Charging takes about 6 hours. The batteries will drain over time so charge it before use.


There were no instructions on these devices when they were shipped and the inventor never had any made up. We will do our best to write instructions for this device. For now, it will be considered a prop device since it can't be thoroughly tested to specs.





  • Ghost Ark Multi-Paranormal Meter
  • Power Charger
  • Mini Speaker
  • Speaker extension cable
  • Antenna
  • Mini USB Cable (for charging the speaker)
  • 8GB SD Card (leave this card in the unit at all times)


Ghost Ark Multi-Paranormal Meter (collectors edition)

  • Ghost Ark Multi-Device Paranormal Meter

    • EVP RECORDING: (2) 6 Hz
    • SOUND TRAP: Play and Record at the same time.

    (We have installed a power reset button on the bottom in case the unit fails and gives you a white screen. Rebooting it by pressing the reset button will get the unit working again.)

  • We have listed this device as a prop because of the production problems it had in 2016 from the company Ghost Ark.

    Here is a little back story on the device. In 2015 it was marketed as a real device for paranormal research. Ghost Ark took in pre-orders for the device long before production was done testing and they started shipping the devices out. Many of the version one devices that went out, were returned because of problems. Then version 2 came out with fixes for the problems but now many pre-orders were still waiting for their units to ship. The owner decided to skip town with all the money with products never made and production team members never paid. 

    This unit is a working Version 2. We can't verify the unit functions as a paranormal meter but it does work. Sometimes the unit will give a blank white screen. If it does happen, we installed a tiny reset button on the bottom of the unit as a power reset (reboot button).

    There are no instructions on how to use the device. But we have listed a few videos on the general idea of using it. Review

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