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3.37mm f/2.8 87d HFOV 16MP IRFS (FULL SPECTRUM IR) 4K LENS

This is a lens only for DIY (Do It Yourself) lens replacement jobs. 

This item is back in stock and ships out within 3 days from the date of purchase.


With this lens, you will be able to see in total darkness with the use of an IR illuminator.



  • Lens only



  • GoPro Hero5
  • GoPro Hero6
  • GoPro Hero7 

(You must remove the Hero stock lens before installing this lens)



  • Full Spectrum (Visible+UV+IR pass) (no filters on the lens)

3.37mm f/2.8 87d HFOV 16MP IRFS 4K Lens for GoPro Hero5, Hero6, Hero7

  • Focal Length 3.37mm
    35mm Equivalent (on 1/2.3" sensor) 19.0mm
    Hyperfocal/Infinity Focus Distance 32.07in (81.46cm)
    Fisheye/Barrel Distortion NO
    Black Vignetting NO
    Weight (Stock GoPro Lens = 5.5g) 6.83g
    Angle of View (V*H*D) 70 x 87 x 100 degrees
    Aperture (f Stop) 2.8
    Back Focal Length (BFL) 2.97mm
    Dimensions (Diameter x Length) 17.35 x 22.32mm
    Native Camera Sensor Support 1/2.3"
    Native Megapixel Support 16MP
    Thread Material Metal
    Optics Material Glass - 7 Elements
    Fits in GoPro Waterproof Case? Yes
    GoPro Case Mod Needed? No
    Dust Ring Included? No
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