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We custom built all aspects of REX from design, circuit boards, hardware, wiring, and testing.
All the work is done by hand and custom-built in the IRmods lab.


REX is a simulated human form with high-tech electronics for communicating with the unknown remotely and without the need for humans being present.

REX has (10) paranormal investigative functions built-in to its body.

REX is a remote stand-alone paranormal investigator for isolated or locations too dangerous for humans. 

Our REX-RI is a very high-tech and most expensive paranormal tool we have ever built. We have been working on REX for 8+ months. REX has a built-in binaural microphone system within its ears to simulate human hearing on a bionic level. REX is the size and weight of a full-size, 6-foot human man. REX can be placed anywhere and left alone to collect data. REX can be set up to ask questions and wait for answers during EVP sessions. He can detect high EMF and or loud noises within a location. As a simulated human, he can also be used as a trigger object. His eyes will flash multiple colors depending on strength of EMF or REM field being interruted.

REX Functions: X (10)

  1. Phantom Binaural Microphones

  2. Remote Temperature Sensors

  3. EVP Q-Speaker

  4. Human Trigger Object

  5. REM Multicolor LED Eyes & or Sound Alert

  6. High EMF Gauss Detection

  7. Visual Noise Detection 

  8. Full Spectrum IR 4K HD Video Recording

  9. A large capacity battery that can not be drained by paranormal activity.

  10. Motion Sensor Alarm

REX wht.png
Status: In beta testing
Coming Summer 2021
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