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You can send us your equipment request list for cheaper quotes on multiple item rentals. 

(We can pack items in 1 or 2 boxes to save on shipping fees to you).

All Quotes are based on equipment sized packs, weight and current shipping fees as well as what is in stock.

Fill out the form below and we can send you a quote for overall shipping cost discounts.

We can't calculate your discounted shipping cost without your address.

You may pay for your rental with a PayPal invoice we send you after your quote is approved by you.

Rental Returns

Rental products can be returned to IRmods/Ghost Gear Pro by courier, air freight, or ground transport.

Shipping Instructions:

Rental products should be packed back into their original shipping containers and returned to IRmods/Ghost Gear Pro via courier, air freight, or ground transport. Products are tracked by serial and ID numbers.

Shipments should be marked Attn: Rental Return.

International customers are responsible for all return shipping charges. Please insure your shipment back to us.

Please email IRmods/Ghost Gear Pro with questions about return shipments or to report any shipments with special delivery requirements.

End of Rental Period:

Please remember that the rental period will end the day your shipment is shipped back.  If a rental period must be extended based on the date the rental is received back, an additional invoice will be issued to you. 

Return to:

Attn: Rental Return
IRmods/Ghost Gear Pro

Enter equipment numbers you would like to rent:

Thank you for submitting a quote. We will get back to you shortly.

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