New Trent NT120R USB BATTERY #072

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ID: 0072


  • Rechargeable USB battery bank (12000 mAh)
  • A/C Charger
  • USB power cable (Mini USB/Micro USB)
  • Velcro Strips for mounting.
  • Hard Case



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SKU: NT-120R-7-RENT-72

  • USB external batteries are used to aid cameras in recording for long periods of time. They keep your camera's battery charged up during use. They work great for time-lapse recordings and long hours during investigations. Spirits are energy forms and can drain your camera's battery rather quickly. With an external US battery, it can still be drained but will take longer to drain. 

    Make sure your camera and USB batteries are fully charged and turned on when connected. The camera will begin to use the external USB battery first and when it runs down, the camera will use its own battery, giving you another 2 hours of battery time.

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