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Track Caps protective durable vinyl caps for camera tracks, dolly tracks, and slider tracks using Speed-Rail 1-1/4" round pipe tracks.


Protect the ends of your tracks and pipe from the everyday use of being beaten up by your crew! They also keep your tracks from rattling together during transport.

Your track end condition is important when combining 2 tracks together and preventing bumps in your dolly/slider shots! They are great for rentals too.
TrackCaps are customized Thick Vinyl caps that fit snug and will not slip off easily!

Pipe Size: 1-1/4"



  • 2-PACK
  • 4-PACK
  • 8-PACK
  • 10-PACK
  • 20-PACK

Contact us for larger quantities.

Track Cap 1-1/4" Speed-rail Camera Slider protective caps

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