Cobweb Spinner Pro Titan RESELLER (4-PACK)

With new large size 16 oz. tapered chrome cylinder


These are the same cobweb spinners the film industry uses on films as well as stage theater. These cobweb spinners use Aerodynamic airflow from the spinning fan which blows forward and bends outward from the lid lip as the product inside is flung out from tiny holes that create a stringy airborne web onto the area needed. We recommend using the highest speed on your drill. We have used the same device on several horror films and Halloween haunts over the last 10 years assisting with art departments. It works much better and faster than shooting compressed air from a heavy air compressor through a hot glue gun. 



  • Fan Blade Finish: Aluminum or powdercoat color $5.00ea (Minimum order 4)
  • Lid Finish: Aluminum or powdercoat color $5.00ea (Minimum order 4)
  • Custom laser logo on lid. $10ea   (Minimum order 4) $40



  • (4) Cobweb Spinner PRO Titan with 16 oz / Stainless Steel Chrome Cylinder
  • (4) 4" Lids
  • (4) Lid knobs
  • (4) 5" Drill extension attachments


Reseller 4-PK FX Cobweb Spinner Pro Titan Web Maker 16 oz. (metal)

Blade Color
Lid Color