Paranormal Investigator Trigger/Sound Dolls 

REMO edition: S.P.O.T. Special Paranormal Operations Triggers


Now available for special order only.

Available with Phantom Binaural Mics in ears.

Here is the latest in paranormal trigger tools.

These 18" dolls have custom-built internal electronics built inside the head and or Bionic hidden microphones.

It takes about 12 hours (2 days) from start to finish of one of these modified dolls from building the custom wired REMO SAL/REM/EMF circuit board and removing the eyes for the LED installation from pre-fabricated dolls and sealing them back up after electronics have been installed and tested.

Paranormal trigger objects are designed to attract supposed entities and alert investigators of their presents or used to communicate with spirits.

The SAL/REM/EMF option is powered by a 9-Volt battery (battery not included) and includes battery plug and cable.

You can purchase other clothes for these dolls at any store that provides 18" doll clothes.


Binaural DUAL mics (Holophonic 360 Sound)

REM, SAL, and EMF options are available for additional build costs.

The SAL, REM, EMF option is powered by a 9-Volt battery (battery not included)


Options: Girl 18" doll

  • Doll with Phantom Microphone Sound
  • Doll with SAL, REM, EMF, or a combo of 2 electronics.

REMO 3.0 Bionic Paranormal Trigger Girl Doll


    Our Bionic mics are very sensitive and perfect for hearing just about everything for paranormal investigators. Audio is very important in a paranormal study from proving cases that are not paranormal and ruling out contamination to proving sounds of movement or EVP captures. The microphone has a good low noise system that can be easily enhanced in post-production without boosting noise contamination. No additional power is required with these microphones. They are powered from a digital recorder such as a Zoom H1 (not included).

    The doll works well with the following digital recorders:

    • Zoom H1
    • Zoom H1n
    • Tascam DR05

    Note: this device may not work with other untested recorders or sound systems and may require a pre-amp module.

    Binaural mics (Bionic Holophonic 360 Sound)

    with audible EMF Hot Spot detection.