DOUBLE DIODE Paranormal Mic

This piece of ITC equipment uses 2 germanium diodes wired in series. It works like the Raudive Diode I make and sell as well, it is a very easy piece of equipment to use, as with the other diodes I build it uses no batteries. The germanium diode uses so little energy that plugging it into your recorder provides the energy without draining the battery on your recorder. 
You just plug into the input or mic jack on your recorder and set it down and let it record through out the investigation. I always use a few spread out around the investigation site, so I get good coverage, but it's not necessary. One can also be used during EVP sessions (but unless a Sony or Zoom recorder is used, the internal mic on the recorder will be shut off not allowing questions during an EVP session recorded.) Sony and Zoom recorders are the only ones I know of that keep the internal mic's on with an external mic connected, but there may be more. Because there is no "actual" microphone on this device, and it mainly uses the Germanium Diode as a receiver, there should be no ambient noise recorded when using the DBL Diode. If you do want or need the ambient noise recorded, such as questions asked, noises made etc...then a second recorder is needed. However, as far as I know, there are two brands of recorders that will allow the internal mic to be used at the same time as an external, the Sony recorders, and the Zoom recorders(although works with any recorder)
This device uses a Germanium Diode, like the ones used for building crystal tvs and crystal radios. The Germanium Diode was used as a receiver on those units, and is also used as a receiver on the DBL Diode. There is NO external speaker, this is an external mic ONLY. This unit does not enhance EVPS caught from a radio or just the recorder, it captures EVPS and feeds them to your recorder to record them.
For history about the original Raudive Diode invented in the late 60's Google Raudive Diode.

Double Diode Paranormal Microphone

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