IRmods Paranormal POD 3.0 Combo

The POD 3.0 is our newest, largest, and closest dimension to human hearing but with super high sensitive sound technology dual-microphone system built-in. It works great for paranormal investigations. It can hear everything from natural sound to EMF disturbances! The POD 3.0 can hear tiny noises nearby to distant noises from other rooms in a 360 pattern. Although the POD was designed for paranormal research, it can also be used for security purposes as well. The red line in front indicates face forward.


Made of ABS Construction 5"x 5"x 6"

(Now with new durable textured finish)


Binaural DUAL mics (Holophonic 360 Sound)

REM, and SAL options are available for additional build costs.

The SAL or REM option is powered by a 9-Volt battery (battery not included)

The Phantom option can be powered by 9-Volt battery, 12v battery, or 12v power supply (not included)



  • Bionic Mic Sound
  • Phantom Mic Sound
  • Combo with SAL
  • Combo with REM

POD 3.0 Paranormal Trigger


    Our Bionic mics are very sensitive and perfect for hearing just about everything for paranormal investigators. Audio is very important in a paranormal study from proving cases that are not paranormal and rulling out contamination to proving sounds of movement or EVP captures. The microphone has a good low noise system that can be easily enhanced in post-production without boosting noise contamination. No additional power is required with these microphones. They are powered from a digital recorder such as a Zoom H1 (not included).

    The doll works well with the following digital recorders:

    • Zoom H1
    • Zoom H1n
    • Tascam DR05

    Note: this device may not work with other untested recorders or sound systems and may require a pre-amp module.

    Binaural mics (Bionic Holophonic 360 Sound)

    with audible EMF Hot Spot detection.