Cobweb Spinner Pro

Color: Red/Black or Blue/Black

Coating: Powdercoat/Anodized Lids


These are the same cobweb spinners the film industry in Hollywood uses on films as well as stage theater. The Cobweb Spinner Pro uses Aerodynamic airflow from the spinning fan blade which blows the material forward and bends outward from the lid lip as the product inside is flung out from tiny holes that create a stringy airborne web onto the area needed. We have sold over 600 of these to production studios, Propmasters, Art Departments and scenic designers for theatrical stages. Used by: Universal Studios Halloween Haunt, Knott's Scary Farm, Queen Mary Dark Harbor, Haunt conventions in LA and Las Vegas and many more.

It works much better and faster than shooting compressed air from a heavy air compressor through a hot glue gun.

The spinner spins out a wider web (stringy rubber cement) over a larger area with a more even coverage.

For thinner webbing, You could mix a 1:1 ratio of rubber cement and Bestine Rubber Cement Thinner.

(There are cheap consumer types of web guns that use glue sticks but the bad part is, you have to attach an air compressor which costs money and you have to drag it around with you. You will also have to adjust the air pressure for proper output each time). With the WebSpinner Pro, you will be done by the time those glue guns are warmed up!

All you have to do is pour a small amount of the rubber cement into the cylinder, place the lid on and tighten with the rubber end cap screw, Attach it to your drill and you are ready to go!

To clean the cylinder after use, use mineral spirits or rubber cement thinner, Let stand in the cylinder for about 30 seconds with the lid on, then spin the remaining cleaner out the same way you used for cement and or rub off the remaining rubbery fluid with a rag or paper towel but be careful of sharp edges inside the cylinder.


After the cement is dry (about 8-10 minutes), you can lighten your webs with spray paint. Grey primer looks very good or you can use a lighter tan color. You can also use powder if you want realistic dusty looking webs to your display.

The 8" blade was custom modified with a 37-degree pitch for a more projected airflow.

We recommend using the low speed on your drill for the best results. High speed will cause too much product to come out.

Rubber cement and drill not included.

Contact us for reseller/distributor discounts


Rubber cement is flammable when it spins out so do not spray over an open flame.

Once the rubber cement is dry and the chemical inside the cement evaporates (approximately 8-10 minutes) it is no longer flammable and totally safe. 

Feel free to light candles within the cobweb as the rubber cement will just melt when in contact with a flame. 

Many customers have questions about Web Fluid vs Rubber Cement. Both are one of the same and some web fluid makers use a thinner version which is non-flammable because the product has been thinned and as the product is spun out, it dries quicker, making it less flammable.

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