Shakey camera video during the flight

We test every camera/gimbal before converting and send out to customers. Make sure you remove the foam protection wedge that is placed at the top of the gimbal behind the camera. It is there to protect the gimbal during shipping.


We have had customers say the camera is shaky and unstable during flight. And after removing the foam insert, the problem was fixed.

Camera Gimbal not straight or even

This happens sometimes during shipping and the camera/gimbal get bounced around.


To fix this, remove the propellers and tip the drone upward so the drone is resting on its rear motors and the camera is pointed up. Select the "Gimbal Auto Calibration" and let it do its thing.


When done, place the drone back on its landing gear and calibrate again just to make sure everything is lined up. You should be good to go after that!

Camera Settings for using NDVI

You should try to keep the following as your basic settings for mapping NDVI.

Set your camera to Manual.

  • ISO: 100 (to reduce image noise)

  • Shutter: 200 or faster (increase shutter speed if images are overexposed)

  • White Balance: Sunny or cloudy if overcast.


You can make small adjustments to fine-tune the area you are mapping.

Use file: DNG raw then process to TIFF-JPG later.

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