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We modify UAV cameras for selective filters for use in other applications such as Full Spectrum, NIR, NDVI,  and other filter options. We have specialty filters for UAV Drone cameras for mapping and NDVI crop scanning as well as special photography.


We have sensor conversions for DJI cameras:

  • Zenmuse X4S

  • Phantom4 Pro

  • Phantom4 RTK (new)

All cameras are set up as default and customers must set up and test the desired settings for their imaging goal.
In 2017, we exclusively converted the first-ever 1-inch camera sensor filter conversions for the DJI Phantom4 Advanced, Phantom4 Pro, and Zenmuse X4S when DJI released them. These cameras once converted do not need to be focused as the internal autofocus will do that for you. Keep your camera in "autofocus" mode at all times to ensure the sharpest focus on the ground by tapping the screen when the desired altitude is reached.
We custom replace the internal sensor filter in the cameras then calibrate the sensor padding to DJI specs. This is an exclusive service completed only by us at IRmods. We can also re-convert converted DJI X4S, Phantom 4 Pro cameras back to OEM stock configuration.
6/2018: We use a durable grade internal sensor glass filter that can now withstand shock from a drone crash to ensure your custom filter will outlast your camera. If you do damage your camera and need to send it back to DJI via your "DJI Refresh" program, Send it back to us first so we can remove the filter (if not damaged) which will save you money on having to purchase a new filter. Then we can move your undamaged filter to your new camera.
Phantom4 Pro Obsidian
Zenmuse X4S
Phantom4 RTK
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