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The M12 removable lens conversion was a hot item back in 2017 and cheaper conversion which allows us to fit selected lenses to the stock lens socket.


This system allowed users to use the stock lens that came with the camera. These lenses can be removed and swapped because we install rubber o-rings for a snug fit. If lenses are removed, you will need to re-focus the lens by using the HDMI output port from your camera or drone remote control to an HDMI monitor/TV and or mark the focus spot on the lens and camera. 


All modified cameras with OEM Stock or Fixed lenses are focused for you by us if you bought a new or serviced camera from us. We have customized many types of lenses for customers. 

Standard Fixed Lenses are: 4.35mm, 5.5mm, 12mm, 5.4mm, Stock OEM Lens


We have several types of lenses with filters we can install into lenses such as the 4.35mm, 3.37, 5.4mm for GoPro and the DJI OEM stock lens for Zenmuse X3 and Phantom series. We have filters for NIR spectral single, double and triple-band filters. The filters are part of the lens and all you have to do is unscrew the lenses and swap them with others. Be sure to focus mark each lens to your camera for a fast exchange.


We have NIR/NDVI filters in Blue/Green/NIR, NIR Pass and Full Spectrum.

We also have a re-conversion return to OEM color lens service for customers who had their cameras converted or bought converted and want the camera back to stock OEM color.

We can re-convert all GoPro cameras, DJI X3, X4S, Phantom3 Pro, Phantom4, Phantom4 Pro cameras with original OEM IR/UV cut sensor filters. 



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